Titania Paige

Titania Paige is an animated, southern girl who loves encouraging women to find wholeness in Christ.

Known to shake things up with her passion and transparency, Nia’s messages are down-to-earth, energetic, and Bible-centered. She authentically encourages and challenges women to:

  • Find complete satisfaction in an intimate relationship with God
  • Entrust their souls and sexuality to God
  • Live boldly and create maximum impact in God’s kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you speak on other topics besides the ones mentioned on your website?
Yes, I do! Email me directly with the topics you have in mind and I’ll let you know if I can do it.

Do you travel for events?
Yes, I do! I’m located in Memphis, Tennessee and I’m willing to travel to most events around the state, country, and internationally.

Is there a cost to have you speak at my event?
Yes, in exchange for a message tailored to your women’s online event, I’ll be compensated $25 per hour of research and writing. For live events, I will gratefully accept a donation of any size for the ministry. However, as the host, your organization or church will need to provide the necessary transportation for your event (i.e. gas money, airfare, and/or rental car) as well as cover the costs for local hotel lodging and all meals.

What age range do you serve?
I speak to girls and women of all ages. I can create sessions geared toward teens, college-age girls, and women. Let me know which age group you’re interested in and I will gear the sessions accordingly.

Past Events

  • 2020 She Virtual Recovery Summit
  • Private Youth Event (2020)
  • Hot Takes On Hot Topics (2020)
  • Adored Women Event (2018)

Speaking Sample

Sex, Porn, & Relationships, an event
hosted by Hot Takes On Hot Topics.
Venue: University of Memphis
Date: January 31, 2020

Praise for Purpose in Purity Events

Here’s what my hosts & audience members had to say about my messages.

When my mom first told me about this event, I was SKEPTICAL about it. You know being a teenager and talking about sex, purity, and all that stuff…but I really appreciated how she was very open and respected our privacy by having us text her questions. I love how she respected us in that way.


Student Attendee

I really appreciated the biblical framework that Titania bought. A lot of Christian groups don’t even want to talk about this, but you brought it to light and you shared with them in a very beautiful, pure way. And I’m just so grateful!

Michelle L.

Private Event Host

I met Titania at her Adorned Women’s Gathering and she has such a sweet spirit. The event was great and she brought a wonderful message about waiting on God and trusting Him when we are in our barren places among many other things. I love what her ministry represents and look forward to hearing more from her!

Sheena C.

Event Attendee

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