Author Titania Paige knows the snares of giving in to sexual enticement and the lie that running away from an intimate relationship with God is the only way to live with your regret.
In Come Home: A Redemptive Roadmap from Lust Back to Christ, she combines the practicality of a biblical life coach with her personal testimony of redeemed sexuality through Christ to help women struggling with sexual temptation:

What if the shame and guilt of sexual sin no longer made you feel cut off from God?

  • Implement her four-step purity framework, to forsake a lifestyle of sexual sin and gain the satisfaction that comes from God’s unshakable acceptance and love.
  • Overcome sexual strongholds by uncovering the origins of their struggle with lust and reconciling their wounds with the gospel and Christian fellowship.
  • Maintain sexual integrity in all of life’s seasons by establishing habits and routines that promote spiritual and physical self-care.

Titania Paige

"Passionate and practical."

Amazon Reviewer

Justin B.

The author's passion about the topic clearly shines through this book, and she offers practical ideas that could really apply to following God's will in any area of life. As someone who often finds discourses around purity problematic in the way that they blame women and tend towards legalism, I found it refreshing that this book emphasizes grace and purpose, pushes back against the notion of purity simply as a set of rules, and acknowledges that following Jesus is a messy process that requires daily (re-)commitment.