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January 1, 2021

Come Home: A Redemptive Roadmap from Lust Back to Christ

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Ready to Transition into Sexual Purity?

As we head into 2021, I’d love to wrap up Season 3 of the Purpose in Purity Podcast with a special episode featuring chapter one from my book, Come Home: A Redemptive Roadmap from Lust Back to Christ.

In Come Home: A Redemptive Roadmap from Lust Back to Christ, I combine the practicality of a biblical life coach with my personal testimony of redeemed sexuality through Christ to help women struggling with sexual temptation:

  • Implement my four-step purity framework, to forsake a lifestyle of sexual sin and gain the satisfaction that comes from God’s unshakable acceptance and love. 
  • Overcome sexual strongholds by uncovering the origins of their struggle with lust and reconciling their wounds with the gospel and Christian fellowship.
  • Maintain sexual integrity in all of life’s seasons by establishing habits and routines that promote spiritual and physical self-care.

But honestly, I’ve got to give a huge thanks to you, the PinP Community for your continued support. We’re just shy of 10,000 unique downloads & I love how you all consistently check in to let me know how each episode helps! Thank you so much!

Hey, and if you like what you hear today, be sure to snag Come Home, available on Amazon, Audible, & many more online retailers.

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