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September 4, 2018

Christian Hip-Hop: Your Secret Weapon Against Sexual Sin?

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Is the guilt of sexual sin making you feel cut off from God? Is lust stagnating your spiritual growth? What if you could overcome intrusive sexual thoughts and learn Bible truths at the same time?

Guess, what. You can! And today I’m sharing this secret weapon with you!

Hey. I’m Nia, hostess of the Purpose in Purity Podcast. In today’s episode, my husband Gerald and I share the benefits of listening to Christian hip-hop and the songs and albums that have personally helped us embrace a purity mindset.

Unconvinced? Together, we’ll glean some encouragement and wisdom from our favorite rap lyrics. So click that “play” button to learn how you can start resisting sexual temptation with Christian Hip Hop today. (Scroll down further to watch the video version of this podcast.)

What are the benefits of listening to Christian Hip Hop as a believer battling lust?

Listening to Christian Hip-Hop effectively and practically aids you in embracing a purity mindset. By meditating on the biblical truths presented in these lyrical masterpieces, you’ll begin to see changes in your thought-life. The following albums and songs are great for memorizing scripture references, along with biblical concepts that help the believer overcome lust’s lies and the guilt and shame of sexual sin.

Our Recommendations


Highlights from Our Favorites

Christ is the guarantee God’s favor is upon me. (Romans 5:1-2)
By faith. And not if yesterday I was godly.
So no matter the circumstance.
The Cross is proof God’s fabulous purpose stands.
So the Father’s covenant love – nothing can budge. (Romans 8:37-39)
It’s as sure as the life of His Son who’s above. (Romans 5:10)

– “The Daily Gospel”, Timothy Brindle

You rightly expose the depts of my hardness.
Your light has shown how wretched my heart is.
But not to condemn me, to wash and them cleanse me
And reign in life over the death and the darkness.

You didn’t expose me to leave me feeling dirty.
But to heal and purge me. And reveal your mercy.
That it’s infinitely greater than my sin.
And your healing’s greater than my pain that’s within.

– “The Compassion of Christ”, Timothy Brindle


Is there a Christian hip-hop song that you love and would like to recommend for women battling lust? Leave it in the comment section below.