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May 24, 2021

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Hey, sis. I’m Titania. Around here I help the Christian woman live from joy & peace as she surrenders her soul & sexuality to God. On this blog, I write Bible studies & practical articles on living a lifestyle of faith, just like this one. So if you’re new here, please consider downloading my free 5-day Bible plan. And if you’re returning here for more, welcome back!

You want to experience the forgiveness, freedom and intimacy that comes with knowing Christ, but you’re not sure where to start. By the end of our time together, you’ll know how to begin a personal relationship with Jesus for yourself. 

How to Become a Christian (aka The Gospel in Plain English)

I want to make this information as clear as possible, so I’ll explain the why and how of relationship with Christ using a concept you already understand. 

You know that people have an earthly court system. This is because God’s law is written on our hearts. We call this “having a conscience” or being able to discern between wrong and right. As opposed to animals, people care about justice. This is why there are earthly consequences for crimes. God, too, is passionate about justice and He will judge injustice perfectly. If that doesn’t make you sweat, it should because we have all fallen short of doing what’s right. But people –and the world– wasn’t always broken and flawed.

In the beginning, all of God’s creation was perfect and good. But Adam and Eve (the first people) chose to break away from God’s design for life by distrusting and disobeying God. Like our human mama and papa, we do the same today. When we abandon God’s design for our life –this includes our relationships, behaviors, and thinking– we sin. That is, we break God’s law. But what is God’s law?

The Bible is filled with God’s instructions for living life according to His design. Most of us have heard of the Ten Commandments, which serve as a pretty great summation of how God encourages us to live. When Jesus was asked directly how to be saved from God’s judgment against sin, He pointed back to God’s law. But this wasn’t because Jesus is only concerned with us “following the rules.” God’s law is a mirror that helps us see ourselves as we really are. This is a gift, because without it, we’d believe that we’re “good” people without a need for a Savior. Try testing your own “goodness” using God’s law to see this for yourself:

How many lies have you ever told?

Have you ever stolen anything (regardless of its value)?

Have you ever used God’s name as a cuss word (“O-M-G,” “Jesus!” etc.)?

Have you ever looked at someone with lust (sexual desire)?

These are just 4 of 10 commandments, but they leave me completely defenseless. I’ve broken them all and so have you, if you’re honest. The law helps us see that naturally we’re sinners. When it comes to sin, we like to say, “That’s just what being a human is like;” or, “Everyone does it.” It’s true. We all sin! That’s why we could all benefit from the forgiveness that Jesus offers us if we choose to do 2 things:

  1. Repent of our sin.
  2. Place our trust in Jesus. 

When we repent of our sin, we agree with what God says about it. Sin is offensive to God because ultimately it’s in opposition to God’s perfect goodness. Repentance goes beyond being sorry or regretting sin by moving us to turn away from our sin to pursue and recover God’s design for our lives. But even if a thief robs a bank, genuinely feels sorry about it, and lives a perfect life afterward, it doesn’t make him any less guilty for his crime. In the same way, we can’t stop at repentance. There’s one more thing we need. 

Placing your trust in Jesus means that you stop trying to earn God’s approval by “doing good things” and recognize that only Jesus’ sacrifice and perfect life can restore your relationship with God. When we trust Jesus, it’s like He comes to our trial before God and pays the fine for our sins, so that God can let us walk free –even though we are guilty. Jesus took on the wrath we rightfully deserved. Then rose from the dead and defeated death and sin on our behalf. But Jesus’ transforming power in our lives doesn’t end there. 

God’s Spirit, who the Bible calls “The Holy Spirit,” comes and makes His home in us. The Holy Spirit day-by-day transforms our hearts and affections toward sin. As we submit to His Spirit and treasure God’s word by applying it in our lives, we grow in our love for Jesus and become who He created us to be. 

If you’re thinking, “Woah! I finally get it. And I want a relationship with Jesus for myself,” then I invite you to follow Jesus by confessing that now in prayer.

A Prayer to Begin a Personal Relationship with Jesus

God, I realize now that you never intended for me to do life without you. Please forgive me for every way I have sinned and departed from your design for my life. I want to receive your forgiveness and restoration offered in Jesus. I place my trust in Him and confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank you, God, for loving and accepting me. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Your Next Steps

If you’ve decided to follow Jesus, I would love, love, love it if you would email me at Hey@TitaniaPaige.com to let me know. I’d love to encourage you and just hear how God has been drawing you to Himself. The same applies if you have any questions as you continue to explore beginning a relationship with Christ. 

If you have decided to follow Jesus, I encourage you to do the following:

  • Buy your own study Bible (I suggest the NLT or New Living Translation) or download the YouVersion app to your phone. Both are excellent for helping you begin a habit for reading God’s word.
  • As a Christ-follower, you’re officially a part of His family. God’s word encourages us to meet with other believers to grow, serve, and share the gospel. Get started by finding a local church in your area. I suggest using the 9 Marks Church Search Tool if you are unfamiliar with the churches in your area. 
  • Create a habit of prayer by conversing with God throughout your day. God hears your simple prayers, so don’t overthink this. Simply invite God into what you are doing right there in the moment, come to Him with your needs, and thank Him for all He is doing and showing you in your life.

As a new believer, you’ve become a “baby” Christian, so it’s okay to not have everything figured out! Remember to enjoy each new step you take in your journey. Don’t strive to be a “perfect” Christian in your own power, but rely on God’s Spirit to empower you daily. Jesus will never leave or forsake you in this process.

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