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December 11, 2018

Alone for the Holidays: 7 Ways to Thrive as a Single During the Holidays

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Above enjoying the festivities and gifts, I desperately longed to make memories with someone special during the holidays. Someone who’d secretly criticize my family’s food with me. Someone to watch stupid holiday reruns with me. Someone who’d take ridiculous holiday selfies with me. But with no such someone in sight, I instead made the mistake of wasting precious time fretting over my singleness and contemplating sexual temptation. Can you relate?

What if I told you that being alone for the holidays doesn’t have to rattle your emotions or threaten your sexual integrity? If you’re ready to exchange holiday-dread for delight, then stick around. In today’s post, I’ll share seven ways to thrive as a single during the holidays. By the end of our time together, you’ll have an actionable guide to making your holiday memorable whether you’re flying solo-dolo or chilling with your fam.

7 Ways to Thrive as a Single During the Holidays

#1 | Fast from social media.

You may well be doing fine during the holidays until you see that picture of your ex with his or her new bae or the photos of your best friend’s fabulous holiday vacation. Give yourself a breather from scrolling through the countless feeds and Facebook walls and instead focus on creating your own memories and cultivating an attitude of gratitude for the blessings God has given you.

#2 | Take a break from romantic songs and dramas.

Listen, I’m a big fan of romantic comedies and cheesy holiday love songs myself, but before you indulge ask yourself if you can enjoy them without feeling left out or cut short of a great holiday because you’re single. If you can sing “All I Want for Christmas is You” without it making you feel some type of way, by all means, Sis, try to hit those Mariah Carey high notes.

#3 | Remove the stressors and focus on creating memories.

Perhaps it’s not being single that really irks you duing the holidays. It may just be those awkward moments created by nosy family members with their intrusive questions. Whatever those things are that irritate you, take a moment to list them right now. Grab a pen and some paper and write down every part of this holiday you could do without.

Whether your list is filled with small annoyances like feeling obligated to accept party invitations or big annoyances like an aunt who makes it her business to ask you why you’re still single each year, evaluate your list shamelessly without being afraid to tweak your holiday plans or traditions to work for you. Considering your own physical, mental, and financial health, determine what a healthy level of participation in festivities would be like for you. By intentionally removing your stressors, you’ll make more room for what you enjoy most.

#4 | Give back.

A gracious attitude may inspire you to give back to others in need by volunteering, donating money, or collecting goods. I’ve never met a person that regretted giving their time, energy, and resources to help others, especially during the holidays. If you’d like to experience the blessings that come with being a blessing to others, prayerfully find a cause that you’re passionate about and serve. Remember there’s a niche for everyone when it comes to serving. Your presence and efforts can make a huge difference in someone’s situation and you’d be surprised at how God will bless you through the experience.

#5 | Do all of the holiday things!

Experience the holidays in all of their splendor by participating in local holiday-themed events, such as festivals and plays. Whether you choose to go alone, with a friend, or with a group, you’ll have the opportunity to relish cherished traditions, meet new people, and step outside of your comfort zone.

#6 | Connect with others like you.

The more the merrier, right? So why not meet up with your friends to spend the holiday together? Be the leader of the anti-holiday gang by throwing a house party for your fellow single sisters or arranging a co-ed friend’s night out. (If you’re in college, consider taking a group of international students out. They’ll love you for it. Young women can consider serving and treating local refugees. Your local World Relief office would be thrilled if you made yourself available.)

#7 | Create a holiday bucket list.

If you’re not in the celebratory mood, use the vacation time to rejuvenate yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically by creating a holiday bucket list. Considering any vacation time you have available, extra funds (from job bonuses or gift cards), and your energy level, what are some realistic goals you can set or ways you can treat yourself to some self-care? Is there an audiobook you can read while you chill on the couch? Would it be possible to go on a brief weekend getaway? Perhaps you attend the holiday event at that local church you’ve been considering?

Alright, friend. While this isn’t some 7-ingredient formula for the perfect single’s holiday, I’m confident that if you approach these suggestions with an open mind and a heart that desires to honor God, you can create some beautiful memories.

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