Titania Paige


Hey there. I’m titania. (tye•tah•nee•yah)

Are the shackles of secret, sexual sin keeping you bound to a cycle of sexual compromise?

If this sounds familiar, I know you’re tired of constantly yielding to the same temptations and doubting your love for God.

You long to break free from the enticements that lead you back into sin and you’re ready to discover delight and soul-satisfaction in the fulfillment of Christ’s love.

You can begin to experience freedom by bringing your struggle to the light!

what the enemy doesn’t want you to know:

You are not rejected. God wants a relationship with you.

You are not defined by your sexual temptations past or present.

You are not the only one wrestling with this.

You can begin to experience freedom by bringing your struggle to the light!

Hey, sis. I’m Titania.

I help women release the shame and guilt of sexual impurity so they can receive the freedom, forgiveness, & healing offered in Christ. As the founder of the Purpose in Purity Podcast, I host grace-filled conversations on surrendering our souls and sexuality to God. Purpose in Purity exists to help Christian women navigate the spiritual journey from living a lifestyle of sexual sin to a lifestyle of complete satisfaction in Christ’s love through our podcast, support group, & Come Home Book.

Here’s a little more about me.

I never woke up and thought, “Wow. I think I’ll start a Christian blog for women struggling with sex issues.” I think if God had pitched the idea to me straight up, I would’ve pleaded for Him to find another writer. Thankfully, He knew better how to lead me to this point in my ministry.

My first online ministry, LifeBeforeEternity.com, began as a Christian living blog. However, as I discovered my voice and how my personal testimony of overcoming sexual sin resonated with my audience, it slowly evolved into a platform grounded on biblical purity.

Now after establishing an online community where I can connect with my Purpose in Purity family, finishing my book offering my signature four-step purity framework, and recording several seasons of the podcast, I’m thrilled to see all that God has for the Purpose in Purity ministry in the days to come.

Right after my relationship with Christ, I prioritize and cherish my best friend and husband, Gerald, and our precious daughter, Gabrielle. When I’m not writing or playing make-believe with Gabby, I’m convincing my husband to take me out for Thai food, studying Japanese, and learning Korean pop dances.

Want to hear more of my story? Listen to the first episode of the Purpose in Purity Podcast with me, Titania Paige. (Psst. You can call me “Nia.”)

I’d love to speak at your event big or small.

I’m not bougie. If you’re considering an intimate event in your backyard or a larger gathering for a church or conference, count me in! I’d love to come and share my story and some straight-talk about godly sexuality & pursuing God on a personal level. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a youth group leader, or a women’s ministry event coordinator, it’ll be my pleasure to partner with you in showing your audience how to surrender their souls & sexuality to God.

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