The Purpose in Purity Mentorship

AN intimate 4-week mentorship FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN BATTLING LUST

Gather with us for the support & accountability you need to overcome lust & grow in your love for Christ!


When it comes to resisting sexual temptation, there’s no such thing as a one-woman-army.

You’ve been trying to give up your sexual impulses by becoming more “spiritual.” Everyday you fight the good fight –trying to quit your sinful habits. And just when you think you’ve started to make a little progress…you fall right back into the same, habitual patterns.

Are you ready to disrupt this cycle of spiritual defeat?


Let’s recap all the reasons tackling this solo isn’t working for you:

  • You’ve been battling lust for so long, you carry an overwhelming sense that you are displeasing and unacceptable to God –making it hard for you to draw near to Him.
  • You can’t guilt-trip or shame yourself into making better choices. Instead the shame & guilt of sexual sin keeps you trapped in a cycle of spiritual defeat.
  • Because you don’t know how to examine the spiritual root of your lust issues, you lack the fruit of self-control.
  • Without accountability, you keep falling into old habits.

What you really need is a safe place to share how you’ve REALLY been struggling. A place with like-minded, Bible-believing sisters that have your back, and desperately need you to have theirs too.

this is why i’m hosting

The Purpose in Purity Mentorship Course

Here’s What’s Included

  • 4 Weeks of Mentorship with Titania.
  • A Signed, Printed Copy of Come Home: A Redemptive Roadmap from Lust Back to Christ .
  • 4 Self-Paced Video Lessons.
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Calls with Titania and the other course members (5 calls total).
  • Weekly LIVE Worship, Journal Prompts, Discussion, & Memory Verse.
  • Private Directory for Connecting with other Course Members.

4-Week Course Schedule

9.14.21 | Meet & Greet Event

During this virtual meet-up you’ll meet your mentor, Titania, as well as your fellow course members. Let’s break in our time together with some fun, right?

9.21.21 | Embrace the Purity Mindset

Together, we’ll uncover the origin of story or sin, discover how the good news of the gospel applies to our sexuality, and how we can rewrite the lies that we are too unforgivable, that we can’t change, and that God isn’t enough for us by acting on the truths found in God’s word.

9.28.21 | Find Purpose in Purity

In step two, we’ll discover that a “yes” to lust is a “no” to the God-given purpose and the impact God created us to have. Gain clarity on your purpose in relationship to your Creator and home in on how God has gifted you uniquely to serve others.

10.5.21 | Live the Purity Lifestyle

Discover the sexual triggers that keep you bound with my 70-question Spiritual Vulnerability Assessment. Strengthen weak areas that are vulnerable to sexual enticement. Learn how to establish boundaries and incorporate spiritual habits into your daily routine.

10.12.21 | Sustain the Purity Lifestyle

See the recovery as a process, not a once-in-a-lifetime event. You’ll learn 5 practical actions to take when you feel like quitting and a recovery plan to put into action if you experience a relapse.

Here’s What You Can Expect

when you show up & give this mentorship your 100%


Implement my four-step purity framework, to leave a lifestyle of sexual sin and gain the satisfaction that comes from God’s unshakable confidence & love.


Overcome sexual strongholds by uncovering the origins of your struggle with lust and reconciling your wounds with the gospel & Christian fellowship.


Maintain sexual integrity in all of life’s seasons by establishing habits and routines that promote spiritual and physical self-care.

“I was ready to give up!”

This group has shown me the gospel penetrates all sin for all people. I had almost given up on living biblically pure and, in steps the Purpose in Purity group. I saw I was not alone and through Christ freedom is possible. I get to see Nia celebrate others’ victories and spur on the discouraged.


Frequently Asked Questions

I totally understand being short on time! And if you’re a type-A personality like me, you feel like you have to complete every assigned task. I want this to be a sweet time for you to come and grow without any worries, so I’ve designed this course to be short, sweet, & straight-to-the-point. Each week you’ll set aside 1 hour and 30 minutes. (That’s 1 hour for the live call, 30 minutes for listening to or reading the book chapter for the week.)

Each mentorship session is intimate, having no more than 15 students or less. While it would be challenging for her to have a 1-to-1 session, you’ll definitely get to engage with Titania on a personal level within this group context. Your weekly video lesson will also give you that one-on-one feel as you study each week.

How’s forever sound? These resources (pdfs & mentorship session replays) will live in your email for as you choose to have them.

While I definitely believe the course is relevant for all ages, I’ve designed this course for women aged 13 and older. (However, any teens that wish to join the LIVE calls must obtain their parents permission.)

You’ll be emailed each week’s video lesson, prompts, and zoom link straight to your inbox.  

We’ll be having our weekly mentorship sessions every Tuesday at 7 PM Central Standard Time (from September 7-October 12, 2021). A private access link will be emailed to you every Tuesday night for the next Zoom call. If you can’t make it live, no worries – all of the live Zoom calls will be recorded and saved inside of your online portal for you to watch later. 

Because Jesus’s gift of life is FREE!!! Also, because generous folks pay it forward behind the scenes. 🙂

I’m so glad you asked! Purpose in Purity is a ministry based (unapologetically) on God’s word. Throughout the course we’ll be using the Bible, along with Titania’s book Come Home: A Redemptive Roadmap from Lust Back to Christ. (You’ll receive a signed copy via USPS mail after your course purchase.)

Join us before doors close!

Since this is an intimate mentorship course, we can only accept a limited number of students. Enroll now to secure your Purpose in Purity Mentorship this fall!