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June 25, 2018

Can God Use Me? A Conversation with Christina Patterson

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Today I’m with my girl, Christina Patterson. She’s here to teach us how God can and will use us despite our past and even if we’re not called to ministry.

Christina Patterson is an author, teacher, and speaker passionate about empowering women in the love of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word. She’s also the founder of BelovedWomen.org. Through sound biblical teaching and a true passion for the hearts of God’s daughters, Christina is compelling women to find freedom, wholeness, and satisfaction in Jesus Christ.

As someone who’s personally doubted if God can use me – despite my past, my imperfections, and all I lack the truth that God can use us use is something I’ve personally experienced. And if you’re as skeptical as I was, Christina’s message for us today is going to be a real encouragement to you.

So listen to hear how God can use you as well as how you can get a copy of Christina’s book Daughters of Fire.

Some Questions I Ask Christina:

  • What were some of the reasons you felt like God couldn’t use you?
  • Tell us where you draw today’s encouragement from in the word.
  • God can use us even if he hasn’t called us to full-time ministry?
  • How might it look for God to use me in my everyday life?
  • Can God use me despite me past?
  • How can I practically position myself to be used by God?

Connect with Christina

Connect with Christina and purchase your copy of her inspiring book Daughters of Fire on her blog BelovedWomen.org. Additionally, you can find Christina on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Her handle is @BelovedWomen.

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If you’ve struggled to believe that God can use you, what lie has been holding you back? What truth from today’s episode can you cling to remind you that God can and will use you?

  1. Vicki says:

    Christina and Titania’s candid conversation is encouraging, it has inspired me even more to seek first God’s kingdom and study His word that I will continue to be used by Him. Thank you ladies.