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December 8, 2020

Breaking the Cycle of Stress, Anxiety, and Sexual Sin

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Stressed-Out? Horny? This is for you, sis.

This episode of the Purpose in Purity Podcast deals with a topic many of you wished to hear about: turning to lustful habits to find a quick relief or escape from stress or anxiety. How do I deal with this from a biblical perspective? What are healthy ways to cope with the burden of stress or bouts of anxiety? Join Dr. Monique Gadson and I as we jumpstart the conversation on stress, anxiety, and healthy coping mechanisms that can point us (back) to God. 

About Monique

Therapist. Consultant. Author. Blogger. Podcast Host. Licensed Professional Counselor. With over 16 years under her belt, Dr. Monique works as a consulting therapist in which she consults with churches and organizations in mental health matters and risk management. A woman passionate about God and her faith, she feels that God called her to the Church to minister specifically to the mental and emotional wellness of not only the body of Christ, but also the individual members that make up the body of Christ.

Dr. Monique offers a variety of counseling and consulting services — couples counseling, premarital counseling, individual counseling, leadership development, and more. For more information about her services or if you want to listen to her podcast, please check out her website listed below.

In this episode, I ask Monique:

  • How did you come into your ministry?
  • What are some healthy ways to find relief from stress/anxiety?
  • After we get to the crux of what’s triggering our stress/anxiety, where do we go from there?
  • What encouragement do you have for those struggling with a negative thought-life?

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